Monday , October 25 2021

National sports Football: Bayern Munich winner Borussia Dortmund took the lead in the German league


Covered by Lewandowski and Reus, coup de grace the bullfighter Alcacer! Bayern Munich, struggling for two months, achieved the best results of the year, finally showing the desire and fighting spirit that has been missing since September. But Borussia Dortmund, with his weapon, showed why he is flying over the championships this fall (3-2).

"Warning", Borussia midfielder Axel Witsel, prophesied: "Bayern can wake up in this kind of match". That's what happened and the scenario was in line with the best expectations: Bayern dominated, owned, and Lewandowski turned to 26.e and 52e minutes. But Dortmund let him come, agreed to suffer and set the speed of instant counterattacks. Reus, constantly dangerous in the depths, hit twice (49e 67e ), although he also collected bargains. And Alcacer, at 73e one minute, he ran away alone to offer a prestigious victory to Yellow and Black.

Without any round of observations, the champion defenders threw themselves into the throats of their rivals. Three corners in five minutes … and eleven yellow and black folded in front of their target! The tone has been given. Bayern began to dominate. Borussia was waiting for him. "We have not achieved a good result in the game," admitted Reus, captain of Dortmund.

Pressure on Niko Kovac

Logically, Bayern opened the brand already in 26e a minute, but Dortmund came back twice to finally get the best out of it. A loss, even an honorary one, probably will not improve the atmosphere around Bayern, and the pressure on his coach Niko Kovac may become unsustainable. "I know that there are many things in this duel of prestige," admitted the Croat the day before the match, but refusing to take into account the hypothesis of failure.

However, for Dortmund and coach Lucien Favre, the state of grace lasts. With seven points ahead of the rankings, Borussen can now come and focus on their qualifications in the Champions League. Now at the top of their pool, associated with Atlético, they will have a home win against Bruges in the next match to make sure they have a warm winter.

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