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Morocco en force à Souk Okaz (PHOTOS)

The Souk Okaz Arab Quartier, one of the strongest points in Taif's saison, contains a number of sights in different cultures of the day, with the Pavilion of Morocco offering a range of cultural and artisanal activities, and so on des spectacles populaires vivants.

"Au total, 31 magasins proposing authentic Moroccan products, notations of accomplishments, of ceramics, of sculpture, of sculptures, of jewelery, of henna, of oil and oil of oil", by Al-Haj Abdul Ilah Al Rayes, responsible for the pavilion of Morocco in Souk Okaz.

The pavilion comprises 10 points of ventilation for artisans who produce articles made of leather, textiles and other articles. There are 80 people from Morocco originating in the pavilion, including restaurateurs, artists, musicians, actors and artists.

Trois groups joueront favor Saison de Taif with performances that reflect the reaction to 'Aïd' – and reproduce andalous styles, folk tradition and modern Moroccan. Pendant l'Aïd al-Adha, the pavilion of an accoutrement of reproductions of the Moroccan tradition.

The Pavilion consists of a museum and a library containing ecantillons from the intellectuals of renowned Moroccans.

When promoting in the pavilion, the visitors are only accustomed to a guerrab, or water carrier, which has a water-cooled metal door, as part of a portable water-cooler. A calligraphy used names and phrases to place visitors, and they also fronted a "Hakawati" – a container called the traditional legendary legend.

At the height of the tradition of an artisanal tradition exercised in the Moroccan pavilion: the "Dalal" transported these marchandises to the march and those in charge, as a group of marchers on the rivers under the chant of chansons.

The pavilion also features visitors to the Moroccan gastronomic café, with restaurants serving traditional dishes, including a range of teas – to the side and to the prunes, with fruits to be cited further on. Visitors also have a taste for "lattice" – that is, the Moroccan – with a gamut of traditional traditions.

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