Wednesday , June 16 2021

League 1: The 4th Day Program •

On behalf of the fourth day of the Senegalese League, Niarry Tall (9the, 2 points) will receive Casino Sport (10e, 2 points). Both teams have not won the championship yet. If the match is not resolved with a draw, which of the NBA or Casa Sport will notice its first win of the season? The answer, this Saturday at the stadium Leopold Sedar Senghor at 16 o'clock.

The match between Theungjuet FC (7 points +4) and As Pikine 5e (5 points, +1) will be decisive. Indeed, the Rufuskuzi are on a good pitch with 3 games undefeated and without a single goal recognized. What to be suspicious of Pikino. Suburban club that has a victory and two draw points will have arguments.

At other meetings, the academicians at Dakar Sacred-Khor (4e, 6 points) will face Linguère de Saint Louis (9e, 2 points), who will try to record his first win, something that will not be easy considering the goals of the DSC.

In Mbour, at the Caroline Faye Stadium, Mbour Petite Cote (MPC) (13e, 1 point) will host the club Sonacos Diourbell, the Red Lantern of the championship. Ndiambour 9e, (4 points + 0) and Nas Gorey 8e(4 points + 1) will face the challenge of the stadium at Alburi Nudie at 17 o'clock.

Jaraaf vs. As customs, generation football against Stade de Mbour

Representatives of Senegalese football in African competitions, Dakar Jarraf for the African Champions League, and the generation leg in the Cup of the CFFF, will play Thursday on the fourth day of the League One, publishes the Senegalese League of Professional Football.

Jaraaf, defending champion, without a win from the start of the season, will face AS Douane. The Foot Generation Academy will visit Stade de Mbur.

Dakar will play against Togol Krookki on Wednesday at the stadium Leopold Shedor Senghor. Generation leg will get Djoliba from Bamako at the stadium Ngalandou-Diouf in Rufisque.

Second, with the same number of points as the leader (7 points), the Generation Foot should convince its fans against Stade de Mbur before his double confrontation with the Malian Club, his opponent in the previous matches of the CF Cup.

Without a win from the start of the season, Medina's team will need to mark the ghosts against the Customs as the results of which develop chicken.

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