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Le Matin – Mme Ivanka Trump visits the Institute specializing in aeronautics and airport logistics

The Consulate of the President of the United States of America, Mme Ivanka Trump, has made an impact, a decision to visit the Institute specialized in aeronautics and airport logistics (ISMALA) in the province of Nouaceur. Unique structure in Morocco with offshore formations in aeronautical and aerospace logistics sectors. On this occasion, Mme Ivanka Trump made a major leap forward into Morocco in the field of aeronautics and performed a tour of the various ateliers of ISMALA, which relates to the Offices of Professional Formation et de traffic promotion (OFPPT).
Mme Ivanka Trump took this opportunity to elaborate on ISMALA's efforts to improve its influence on the development of the aeronautical sector in Morocco, which is not dominated by homosexuals, which remain homosexuals, constituting a source. 'inspiration for all Moroccan women. The Consulate of the Presidency of America is equally important in preventing this institute from forming material, which is intended to represent Morocco an opportunity for marocaine trafficking and more specifically for women to promote it. competences in a domain with a strong valid value. Here's another example of how to get started in Morocco with a science-fiction mentor (WiSci camp), which is the fruit of a collaboration between Moroccan governments, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Google et Intel.
As part of the MCC's president-in-chief, Sean Cairncross, has helped ease the chaos of female Moroccan society and has led to economic development, which has led to integration issues. la femme marocaine dans le milieu du travail reste feible. This is where MCC-Compact Jewelery is designed for the development of professional education and training programs, not only for training institutes such as ISMALA, but also for the potential development of women, at soul. .

In a press release, the minister of national education, professional formation, superior engineering and the scientific researcher, Saïd Amzazi, has just returned to the MCC-Compact Partnership, quelque 90 stabilization of the rehabilitation and treatment programs in integrated projects delivered on a pedagogical basis through the use of new technologies. Indicative of Mme Ivanka Trump's announcement of a road trip in Royaume (7-8 November), the Women's Science Camp organized event in Morocco, relevant to any constitution occasion for the Moroccan juniors to control their competencies in more than one domain.
This is where the General Directorate of OFPPT, Loubna Tricha, affirms that ISMALA has an object extending into the Compact II software ported by MCC, in the southwest and in the app. la formation professionnelle. This program covers the development of two professional training establishments and the creation of other centers: a multi-sectoral establishment, three centers located in the metropolitan area, and one more for transport and logistics, all at a glance. nL.M.

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