Monday , June 14 2021

Le Matin – Ethiopian director Haile Gerima leads the jury of the official competition

The Association of the Festival of Culture and Arts in Rabat has started the 23rd International Film Festival in Rabat on Friday, November 16, which will last until the 24th of the month. The opening ceremony was marked by two fervent tributes, respectively, to the Moroccan actress
Fatima Harandi (Raouia) and Egyptian actor Mahmoud Hamid.

The vernissage was a screening of the film that won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018, "A Family Affair" by Japanese Hirokazu Kore-ed. Welcome choice, because it is a very satisfying welcome in our country of filmmakers from other countries who bring film experiences and share them with our specialists in the industry. This is happening in all such events, such as the Festival of the author's cinema, which is currently taking place in Rabat with a rich program, scattered across various halls of the capital, the opportunity to see a large audience of 72 films, 14 of which will be in official competition.
In this 23 edition, Lebanon occupies the prestigious place of the guest of honor to present his photos, through the help of some of the filmmakers who were ordered for this occasion. As the President of the Abdelhaq Mantrech Festival emphasized, "Rabat will experience in this entire event exceptional moments that deserve this city of lights and the capital of culture, according to the wishes of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. Knowing that Rabat knows very important changes that motivate us to making this festival a platform for culture and art, hence our concern to make intense efforts to succeed in this event and move forward. So, in addition to the classic sections, including official competition, conferences and workshops, the organizers planned to present a panorama of Moroccan cinema living outside of Morocco, to maintain a bond with these creators and track their production.
Honorary homage was given during the opening ceremony of the symbolic figure of the Moroccan cinema Raouia, which director Hassan Benjelloun described as a wonderful woman in the Moroccan cinema. "She is an actress who inspired me very much, she is an actress who plays a small role and always gives pluses to the characters she plays." His poetic word goes to all hearts, "adds Benjelloun against Fatima Harandi, who receives his applause. A strong emotion attacked him before this great ovation. "Thank you for this audience who shared with me this joy and these tears, I like all those who love cinema, which is an incurable virus." The other tribute is nothing but the one reserved for the great Egyptian actor Mahmoud Hamida, who did not fail to express the last time I came, I remembered the same hospitable and generous audience, and when the Mantras invited me to come, I did not hesitate for a moment, it was also an opportunity to present two juries including critics led by American Noelia Satos and the second of the official competitions led by Ethiopian director Haile Gerim, it was a beautiful evening, then the festival gained momentum, with the screenings of films that cinemagoers were eagerly awaited, as well as other conferences and workshops conducted by industry professionals.

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