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Le cancer du seut aussi toucher des femmes jeunes

Check in France, environ 3000 females over 40 years old diagnosed with a mammal tumor.

A grosseur or a rougeur on one level: the symptoms of a cancer on the other hand, are inexistent. They also have a donor souvenir, plus more enclosed touches for females to quit the risk as well. Pourtant, on the 58,000 cases of cancer diagnosed in chickens in France, 3000 concern women over 40 or more than 5% of the environment. Quels symptômes doivent alerter? Quand faut-il consulter? Florence Coussy and Barbara Pistilli, respective oncologists at the Curie Institute and Gustave Roussy Institute, responding to these questions.

Un cancer du sein, what does it mean?

It does not seem to translate into cells of the mammary gland, which is multiplied and form a tumor. These cells can be attached to galactophores, which collects lattice, or to lobules, which are produced. Unlike multipliant, it also permits the tissues to absorb. "There are several types of cancers, depending on the receptors present on the surface of the cells concerned: the hormone-dependent cancers have more than 70% of the cancers. Both cancers of type HER 2 positives and triple negatives represent 15% to 18% of the environment, excluding Dr Pistilli. This type of tumor is more aggressive and more complex to treat ». It is also legendary plus cheerful for females.

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«Connaiter ses seins»

«Globalization, which is an abnormal condition at the level of the gynecologist, is not immediately diagnosed».

Florence Coussy, gynecologist and oncologist at the Curie Institute

Quel que soit l'âge auquel le cancer se manifeste, les symptômes sont les mémes. "Globalization, as well as abnormal abnormalities, can be achieved through rapid gynecological consulting, and is not restored after diagnosis," according to the Curie Institute Specialist. It does not have a groove on the level or side of the cabinet, on the floor, on the floor, on the floor, in modification of the aspect of the floor or the chamber … «Important connects all sorts of secrets, and the other is capable of remarrying as an anomaly or a modification of the apparatus », preceded by Dr. Coussy.

Surprisingly, the timing of these symptoms does not appear to be due to abnormalities. «Les mastodynies, ducts to levels, which are exemplified by the hormones of the menstrual cycle, and do not have benign lesions», explains Dr. Coussy. These are mainly driven by part-cycle dexterity, near evolution, and volume increments. A graft or dowel may also be attached to a key or an adenofibrome, a tumor often benign to females.

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All regulate chez in gynecology

What is different about these abnormalities in cancer is that it is important to look at how many abnormalities are found. The ultrasound controls, including a biopsy, are presented in detail. Generally speaking, it is strongly advisable that all gynecologists go at least one time for a control visit. "Chez patients who have lurds of familial cancer incidences, see patients who do not carry a genetic mutation, do not exhibit specific surveillance, including parental imaging," said the Curie Specialist. Approx 50 et jusqué à 74 ans, a separation is organized: it consists of a mammogram and a clinical examination of both.

Another important point: integral consultation remedied by maladie insurance is proposed at 25 ans. There is also evidence of cancer of the uterus, which consists of a screening and prevention. "The subject is passing through the message: a cancer less than 40 seconds away, which is rare, but it can reach," says Dr. Coussy.

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Alcool, tabac, surpoids, genitique: a multifactorielle maladie

All females are ignorant of the risk factors. «Alcohol, taboos, surpoids, obesity, obesity … There are a number of cancer risk factors that may affect the patient» explode Dr Pistilli. Selon Sante public France, over 28,000 cancers impregnated with alcohol in 2015 in France, 8100 cancers per se. On the other hand, there is a surge in interest in ponderal surcharge and cancer du seine, as well as obesity and surpoids currently augmented in France.

Selon Sante public France, of all 28 000 cancers imputable to alcohol in 2015 in France, 8 100 cancers per hour.

These cancers are two of the most commonly used genitals. «In the general population, 5% of cancers are exposed to one mutation, all of which increase the risk of females to 12%. All you have to do is offer a consultation and consultation with patients, "said Dr. Pistilli.

Conversely, the practice of regulating 20% ​​physical activity reduces the risk of developing a cancer. Enfin, luteinization and weight loss reduce the risk of cancer.

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