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Jury Goncourt and Renaudot take three young talents: Nicolas Mathieu, Valérie Manteau and Olivia de Lamberterie


What is the common point between Nicolas Mathieu, Valérie Manteau and Olivia de Lamberterie? On Wednesday, everyone was the winner of the Goncourt, Renaudot and Renaudot awards. But still? They're all three by the second and even the first book. So "young talents." "This is a new author, he is a young author," said Bernard Pivot, chairman of the Goncourt jury, after the praise of Nicolas Mathieu.[email protected]

Goncourt and Renaudot won the second novel

"Children after them", winner Goncourt 2018, is just the second novel by Nicolas Mathieu. A story that follows a group of teens from the 90s who live in a neglected iron and steel pool. Second work appreciated by critics and convinced the highly demanding Goncourt jury. His first book, "Aux animaux la guerre" (Actes Sud), published in 2014, has recently been adapted to the series. The transmission will take place in France 3 from November 15.

At the age of 40 this new literary talent is dead thanks to a pen. The author is currently working at Atmo Grand Est, an organization that conducts air quality tests in its area. The one who discovered that he was a very young writer's vocation, did his strange work all his life. "30 years ago, I ran courses for Acadomy, I worked for the mayor of Paris, I made centuries, I wrote scripts that never failed …", he explains. The road to Goncourt is still not a long, calm river.

Valérie Manteau, who received Renaudot for the novel "The Breod" (The Tripod), is also his second publication. Announcement of his victory was a small surprise, because the writer was not on the list of finalists of this award. His book presents the turmoil between the assassination of Turkey in 2007 by Hrant Dink, an Armenian journalist, and the defeat of the Taksim Square. The Renaudot jury first wanted to take Philippe & Lançona, but he was surprised by the Femina award given to the novel Le Flambeau (Gallimard) earlier this week. As a result, the "special prize" was awarded to the author of Charlie Hebdo's attacks.

Primo-essayist for Renaudot

After reaching the press point, at the bottom of the Drouant restaurant, where the event took place, Olivia de Lamberterie makes a movie with a view of the bottom of the journalist. "I feel that this is happening with someone else and I can not wait for that person," he exclaims.

Olivia de Lamberterie, laureate of Renaudot's essay in 2018, immortalizes the viewers of the journalists standing in front of her.

Olivia de Lamberterie, laureate of Renaudot's essay in 2018, immortalizes the viewers of the journalists standing in front of her.

© Manon Botticelli

The critic and literary journalist was awarded the Renaudot essay for "With all my sympathies" (Stock), a text that talks about losing brother Alex. "This is my first book, a specific book, because I decided to do it after my brother's suicide, I think about him and would be very happy being king of one day and even the king of the year," he says of his essay, "how to keep the dead in our life. " This tragic event was the driving force of the new literary ambition. Work that was not always easy. "Writing was like climbing up with flip-flops, but I did not give up."

"The meaning of my life is to continue writing"

For Nicolas Mathieu, this second novel allowed him to evolve as a writer: "I allowed myself to do things that I did not want in my previous novel." I told a story with characters, situations, actions that suggest … For "children after them" I let myself be alone think about it. "

Maturing, which will continue, because these first works probably will not be the last for Olivia de Lamberterie, as for Nicolas Mathieu. "The meaning of my life is to continue writing," says the second, "Goncourt is not the top of the mountain, everything remains to be done, my goal is to persevere." Two winners also announced work on a new book. Perhaps a new literary prize to come?

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