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iOS 13 will tell you which apps follow you and where they did it, according to the report

Last year, when Apple announced the release of the new iOS iOS 12 release, Apple chose to focus on improving performance and optimization just to forget the worries and the many bugs and security issues that followed the iOS 11 launch. year, with the release of iOS 13, the company announces it will attach great importance to confidentiality in this new version of iOS.

It's important to note that Apple has always been proud to be a privacy-based company and this has already been shown through features such as allowing your phone's status bar to display an icon that shows when an application tracks your location. Just, it seems that for this new version of iOS, the company went to the next level. On the release of iOS 13, Apple showed that it should offer a range of new features, including AirPod dual pairing, mouse support for the iPad, dark mode.

According to a report, Apple appears to publish a feature that shows a more detailed overview of how applications use your location in the background. According to this report, iOS 13 represents contextual notifications when an application uses your location in the background. The notification also displays a map of the location data followed by a particular application. In addition to displaying the map, the notification also explains why the application needs these tracking data, as well as an explanation from the Apple Store.

Apple says these pop-ups will be displayed periodically, allowing users to decide if they want to continue allowing the app to track them. We suspect that after a while, these pop-ups will start to get bored, but for those users who hate the idea that applications can follow, it's clear that they will see all the popups. tool and will not complain. These notifications will not really appear on other Apple platforms, but this is because they do not support a permanent collection location (like MacOS and tvOS) or they do not need them (watchos).

iOS 13 will be available on all compatible devices (iPhone 6S and later) in the autumn of 2019. A beta version of developers is available and a public beta will arrive by July.

Source: Apple

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