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Houcine Ammouta delivers a listing for the affronter of Algiers

28 juniors have been convened by national Houcine Ammouta national team in anticipation of the double match against Algeria, in the qualifying round for CHAN 2020. See list.

The 28 juniors have been part of the 19 October match against Algeria, with the only qualifying round to qualify for the AFC Champions League.

This list includes not only september du Raja, six du Wydad, cinema of the Renaissance Sport de Berkane and quatre of Hassania d'Agadir.

Pour rappel, the match between all two teams was not scored on the score (0-0). Les Lions de l'Atlas doivent donc absolument s'imposer for the valid place in the tour of africa, provided with cameroon l'année prochaine. More recently, there is a 12 October matchup to Berkane against local Libyan selection.

À notary quoted in Morocco-Algeria for traveling to the Berkane Municipal Stage.

Voici la liste complète:

Zouhair Laaraoubi (RSB)
Abderrahmane El Houassli (HUSA)
Marouane Hadhoudi (DHJ)
Mehdi Karnass (DHJ)
Omar Nemsaoui (RSB)
Ismail Mokadem (RSB)
Laarbi Naji (RSB)
Zayed Kerrouch (RSB)
Walid El Karti (WAC)
Ayoub El Kaabi (WAC)
Badii Aouk (WAC)
Mohamed Nahiri (WAC)
Yahya Jebrane (WAC)
Achraf Dari (WAC)
Badr Benoun (RCA)
Sofiane Rahimi (RCA)
Ayoub Nanah (RCA)
Mahmoud Benhalib (RCA)
Hamid Ahaddad (RCA)
Zakaria Wardi (RCA)
Omar Boutayeb (RCA)
Soufiane Bouftini (HUSA)
Abdelkarim El Berkaoui (HUSA)
Karim Baadi (HUSA)
Mohamed El Morabit (OCS)
Mohamed Ali Bamaamer (AS FAR)
Mohamed Mohakzi (MAT)

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