Sunday , July 25 2021

heart-shaped pillows for relief after mastectomy


  • Placed under the arm, heart-shaped pillows relieve the tension associated with surgery.
  • The Cancer League encourages all volunteers, professionals and amateurs alike, to make their own heart pillows.

The health crisis did not allow the same mobilizations as usual for Pink October, a breast cancer awareness operation that takes place every year. Marches, rallies and races have been postponed due to the risk of contamination with Covid-19. So, thirty-five Health Insurance employees decided to mobilize in a different way: they made craft pillows in the shape of a heart to relieve the pain of women who had a mastectomy, that is to say, breast removal. . So far they have produced 113. They have donated these pillows to the heart at the Eugene Marquis Cancer Center in Rennes.

A pillow that relieves the tension of a mastectomy

It is nice to see, these heart-shaped pillows also have real virtues in reducing the pain associated with mastectomy. For this, women who have undergone this surgery must be placed under their arm. Positioned in this way, they alleviate the tension and discomfort associated with the operation. This model of heart pillow dates back to the 2000s. It was created in the United States by a doctor. A template and guide are available on the Cancer League website.

And to make them, you do not need a lot of material: 2 pieces of fabric imperative 100% cotton (2 times 40 X 42 cm), thread, sewing needle, pins, adhesive tape, a pair of fabric scissors, paper scissors, pen for tissue and 170 g polyester fields (no foam, cotton wool, kapok). Then, all you have to do is follow the pattern and instructions to make this heart pillow.

Make the pillow and send it

The Cancer League on its website encourages all volunteers, professionals and amateurs, to make their own pillows for the heart. They will be able to give them to their departmental committees or associations at meetings and information areas. The latter will then be responsible for their redistribution to women who have had a mastectomy.

Nearly 60,000 breast cancers are diagnosed in France each year. It is the most common cancer in women. But the earlier it is discovered, the better the chances of recovery. According to the Health Insurance website, there is 99% five-year survival for breast cancer detected at an early stage and only 26% when diagnosed at a late stage.


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