Monday , September 20 2021

Girl or boy? The sex of the baby of Rose Leslie and Keith Harrington revealed

Keith Harrington and Rose Leslie have taken a new step in life. Last October, the two actors had their first child, just over two years after their wedding in Scotland. While they did not know each other, they met on the set Game of Thrones in 2012 and fell in love with her.

Despite their international fame, the couple is quite discreet about their private lives. Keith Harrington and Rose Leslie communicated very little about the birth of their first child, to the extent that they did not reveal the sex of the baby. While the mystery hovered for months, the Daily mail finally received the information from the couple’s representative. That’s why he is … a little boy!

According to their representative, Keith Harrington and Rose Leslie are “very, very happy” with this birth and are happy parents. The tabloid accompanied the revelation of the photo of the couple on the streets of London with the baby.

Aurelien Gosher

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