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end of spanking for preferential tax regime

PLF 2020 will introduce a unified IS 15% for companies with CFC status. This measure was one of the conditions imposed by the EU to remove Morocco from the gray list of tax havens.

Sufyan Shahid

onThe Moroccan government has finally succumbed to pressure from Brussels. Indeed, several measures included in the Finance 2020 bill are intended to get Morocco out of the gray list of tax havens. This is the case for corporate tax (IS) on exports: this rate will increase from 17.5% to 20%. Gradual adjustment that will take place over five years.

And as it was announced TelQuel last May, the preferential tax regime granted to companies with the status of Casablanca Finance City (F) is well and truly over. So far, these companies have benefited from a total exemption from IP for the first five years of their activity and have been subject to a reduced rate of 8.75% of export turnover outside this period. In PLC 2020, this tax system will simply be abandoned in favor of a unified compliance rate of 15%.

ЦФЦ against the EU

This new tax regime was one of Ernst and Young's recommendations for compliance with EU bans. On a confidential note it TelQuel could have been …

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