Sunday , October 24 2021

Club competitions: Algerian clubs attack their opponents


Representatives of Algeria fight against opponents during two African football games organized by the CAF, in accordance with the results of the draw announced on Friday by the African body on its official website.

In the Champions League, CS Constantine (Algeria's champion) will start the competition in the preliminary round, facing Gamtel Gambians. The first match will be played in the house on 27 or 28 November, and the second stage on the route is scheduled for 4 and 5 December. In the case of qualifications, the CSC will oppose the winners of a double confrontation between Al-Merrikh (Sudan) and Vipers SC (Uganda). The first stage will be played out of season between 14 and 16 December, and the return will take place on December 21-23 in Constantine.

JS Saoura, the runner-up of Algeria, who is his second participant, inherited the sports club Ivorian Sporting Club Gagnoa. The first round will be played at Bechar. In the case of qualifications, JSS will meet with the winner of a double confrontation between IR Tangier (Morocco) and Elect Sport (Chad).

In the African Confederation Cup (CAF) USM Bel-Abbès, holder of the Algeria Cup, will return to the continental stage after a long absence, opposing the Liberians from Liscr. The first meeting will take place in Bel-Abbès between 27 and 28 November, before moving to Monrovia to play in the second match on December 4 or 5. In round 32, the "Mekerry" formation will be opposed when qualifying for Nigerians with Rangers or Ethiopians defending FC.

Finally, Hussein-Dey, the third in the previous Ligue 1, will be against the initial round of the Red Devils Club in Congo. The first stage will take place in Algiers. In the case of qualification, Nasria will challenge the Green Orlikes of Zambia or Young Swaziland.

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