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Clouds and showers are expected on Friday, November 16

Credit: DR

These are weather forecasts for Friday, November 16, 2018, Prepared by the National Meteorological Directorate.

– Cloudy viaducts with sometimes stormy showers on the coast between Safi and Tan-Tan, Souss, bas-reliefs of the Atlas and the Mediterranean.

– Some showers dispersed in places on the south-eastern slopes, south of the East and the shores between Rabat and El Jadida.

– From a small to slightly cloudy sky elsewhere.

– Snow falling on the Atlas tops.

– The moderate sectoral wind is located on Tangierois, from the northwest to the south and variable elsewhere.

– Minimum temperature of 00/05 ° C on reliefs, from 04/10 ° C in the southeast, plateaus of phosphates and oriental, from 09/14 ° C on the plains to the north and 12/16 ° C in the southern provinces.

– Maximum temperature of 07/12 ° C on bas-reliefs and high plateaus, 13/18 ° C on the oriental and south-eastern slopes, 15/21 ° C on the north and central plains and 22/28 ° C on the southern provinces.

– Beautiful and small seas raised in the Mediterranean Sea, agitated by Tangier and Tarfaya, and very rough, touched up in the Strait and elsewhere.

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