Friday , October 22 2021

Cameroon: After Adila's scandal to Rosaro, Eto & # 39; is a victim of threats for his support for Biji


Samuel Eto & # 39; definitely did not leave the tavern. Already accused by one Adileuse da Rosaro that he is the father of his 19-year-old daughter, a butler from Cameroon will face another matter that seems really worrying.

What is this?

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Since the re-election of President Paul Biyi (85) to the head of Cameroon, who is seeking a 7th mandate, activists, mainly from the diaspora, have begun a movement to boycott the artists and personalities who supported.

For them, these stars are indifferent "While the country is suffering, with a man for thirty-six years"when one of them hit with a hammer. So this group, which calls itself the "Brigade of antisardines", threatens to do harm to Samuel Eto & o; o, who publicly announced Pro-Biya.

What will be the result of this new story? Stay in touch.

Joe Midelli



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