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Benatia, Hamdallah, les langues se délient


Where do you go from Mountakhab? Les langues symbolize that I am one to one. Mehdi Benatia has some great reservations, but his queries are similar to the one given by Abderrazak Hamdallah on removing the pendulum to the jaw. Absent the races of the national team that would otherwise be diverted beyond the reach of AL-Nassr FC (Saudi Arabia) on Radio Mars.

"Hervé Renard is the principal raison département out of the CAN, with quartz joules that are not available to gamins." It was not equivocal with the Moroccan expletive expletive son. As for the Marrakech concentration selection, the ports are closed without any explicit explication: "As all Egyptians, you have all the plus points. It is preferable to select the tranquil group and the query key query. "

Near the beaches adjacent to the Lions of Atlas, Vahid Halilhodzic débarque in Morocco to view the routes of Mountakhab. The two races are arranged as if all four matches matched those of Hamdallah.

The two protagonists live on the media without interference from the franchise. Mustapha Hadji, who was part of the national team of the staff, affirmed that Hamdallah's appeals were not covered. Hamdallah, here's an auction convention, here are the answers:

«Had a great day coaching players in the list for the two amicaux contests in Libya and Gabon but you are expecting a championship and Vahid will not be following the juniors. And you will not be marked on all two matches. C'est me blague. This is a great supplement for these cones. "

Malgré tout, Abderrazak Hamdallah a tour of the site and said today: «On view for 40 million people, this is not a jeu […] The national team appeals to the Moroccans and other persons. You're ready to turn your project into a project. "

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