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Women's players to follow in the female MX Ligula

The final stage of the tournament started Opening 2018 on League MX Women, the eight teams will be measured with big duels in the search for the championship. But we also emphasize the individual confrontations we will be witnessing in this issue.

We offer you a list of players to follow, players who, thanks to their performances and goals, took their teams into the great Mexican football game.

1.-Desiree Monsivais:

Reidas' artillery was consecrated as a 13-point assessment champion, participated in 14 games and was starter at 12. Undoubtedly, it's a key thing for Monterey, a team that finished the regular stage as the second best offensive with 38 goals.

Women's players to follow in the female MX Ligula

Desire Monsiváis, Set Front

2.-Cathy Martinez:

The Tigers attacker was consolidated as one of the university team figures, with 12 results in ten matches, prompting men to maintain the undefeated and setting themselves up as general leaders, which is the best offense with 51 goals.

Players follow the MX League

Katty Martinez with the Tigers

3.-Monica Ocampo:

Despite the participation of all the meetings of Tusas By concentrating on the Mexican national team, Monica contributed 8 goals in 7 games to the team, she is one of the figures of the tournament and promises to give them excellent performance with Pachuca, one of the favorite teams in the title.

Women's players to follow in the female MX Ligula

Monica Ocampo with Pachuca

4.-Betzy Cassandra Cuevas:

Before eagles of America, there are 16 comments in the last two azulcremas tournaments, consolidating in the eleventh Leonardo Cuellar.

Players to follow the MH Women's League

Freeze caves with America

5. Norm Palafox:

Royblank was a starter in all matches of the regular season, was present on the table 6 times. As an important part, so that TAPATIAS will reach the final phase as second in group 2, with 31 points.

Players who will follow in the female ligjia MH

Normal Palafox with Chivas

6. Mariel Roman:

In eleven matches as a starter he turned the same amount of goals to Toluka, positioning himself as the third best scorer in the tournament.

7.-Deneva Cagigas:

Pumas was the best defensive tournament, allowing only ten entries in the regular stage, one of the players that affected this difference is Deneva Cagigas, Captain and a fundamental player behind the university.

Players that will follow in the League of Women MX League

Today's Chagigas in Pumas

7.-Adriana Iturbide:

Reds and Blacks come for the first time in the final phase of the tournament, among their ranks is Adriana Iturbide, their scorer who scored 7 of the 28 articles made by Atlas.

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