Wednesday , January 27 2021

With the exit from “Best Buy”, up to two thousand places are in danger

Upon departure The best purchase about 2 thousand employees will be unemployed in the country.

The effects of the pandemic are very profound and it is not feasible to maintain our own business in Mexico. Therefore, I can only thank with all my heart the workers and business partners who were part of this adventure during these almost 13 years, informed Fernando Silva, President of The best purchase in the earth.

Heraldo de Mexico asked the company for the exact number of employees the company has in the country, but there was no answer, however, a close source indicated that there are more than 2 thousand employees.

In a statement, the company detailed that of its 49 branches in the country, eight have already closed so far this year, and the rest will close their operations in an orderly manner from December 31, 2020, but the website continues to run
until the census expires.

Best Bay may be the first of several companies to make a good decision. It definitely does not help domestic politics and that Mexico is ranked as the worst country to deal with the pandemic, he commented. Gabriela Siller, Director of Analysis
economically on Base Bank.

During the trading session yesterday, the shares of Best Bay on the New York Stock Exchange fell by 6.96 percent, while on the Mexican Stock Exchange they lost 6.29 percent.

In his quarterly report, the parent explained that the decision was part of a restructuring of $ 111 million.

Silva assured that the conditions for concluding the relationship with the company will be more favorable for determined by law.


  • The company is committed to helping its employees find new space.
  • They will maintain life insurance for all workers during 2021, according to the company.

By Laura Quintero
[email protected]

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