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Who is Victor Gonzalez, the champion pitcher from Nayarit with the dodgers?

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Nine years ago, after suffering the death of his father, Victor Gonzalez He swore in front of the grave that he would become a player Big leagues, for which a bold expedition began that reached its peak on October 27, 2020 getting the World Series with flannel on Dodgers.

Beaten by death of your parent, Guillermo, who was stabbed, and from his grandfather’s hand, Victor boarded a bus that took him from his homeland Tuxpan, Nayarit, to the city Oaxaca, where it came to be tested in Red Devils Academy. He wanted to forget all the bad things he had experienced in his country and divert his life away from there.

“His father was hospitalized for about 40 days, until he died. It was very difficult for everyone. The family wanted to help Victor deal with the grief by talking to him, but they refused. I was very depressed. I did not want to train, I did not want to do anythingGilberto Gonzalez, Dodgers player’s uncle, recalled Millennium.

It was a 15-hour journey that served Victor Gonzalez to be accused of illusion, this despite the fact that I did not have enough qualities to get a place. The goal was set, but much needed to be done for fine-tuning.

It was Roberto Heras the first instructor to see Gonzalez, but soon realized that he was very much missing and that he was equal that was not the level of the Academy’s youth. The story of the grandfather earned to be taken into account, despite the fact that he already left a pleasant impression on the National Olympics, which he even faced Julio Urias.

One year at the Academy and thence at the Dodgers

Luis Fernando Mendez Y Javier “hunting rifle” Martinez they were the ones who tuned Gonzalez’s left leg for a year until he appeared in his life Mike Brito, a scout for the Dodgers, who took him in 2012 curiously along with Urias himself, with whom he became the World Series champion.

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