Saturday , April 17 2021

WhatsApp: to know who added you to their contacts

WhatsApp is the most important messaging app in the world and therefore has many features for users to have a better experience. From the latest application news is to notify users who have added them to their contacts.

So that people can know who added to your contact list, you do not need to install another application, you just need to do the following:

  • Click on three dots in the upper right corner of the application
  • Select an option New broadcast or broadcast lists

With this feature, people will be able to know which recipients have stored their number in their mobile phone.

How to recover deleted conversations?

Many people delete their conversations by mistake or lack of memoryHowever, there is a solution for restoring deleted conversations.

In Android

The first thing you need to do is configure your backup like this:

  • Click on three points in the upper right corner
  • Click on “Settings” and then in “Chats”
  • Hit “Backup” and then “Save”

To restore deleted conversations, all you have to do is delete the WhatsApp application and download it again to click on the option “Bring back history.”

On iOS

The steps are very similar to those made in Android, to make a backup, you can do the following:

Opens WhatsApp

Choose “SetupAnd click “Chats”

Press “Backup” and brand “Automatic copying”

To restore deleted conversations, you must uninstall the application, download it again, confirm the number, and restore the backup.

WhatsApp currently has more than two billion users worldwide and is by far the most important and popular messaging application.

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