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¿What is the type of diabetes? This advance is just over a million miles in length

Jerusalén.- Investigators and leaders are leading the Nobel Prize in Química, Sidney Altman and Aryeh Warshel, in Química, in Jerusalem, the continent has been plagued by diabetes, a unicorn as it was in the past.

The Jerusalem Post, comparing the treatment of diabetes for diabetes, Betalin Therapeutics, creó el primer páncreas bioartificial compuesto but excessive pulmonary artery and cellulase secretoras de insulin.

¿Cómo combatiría la diabetes?

The artificial pancreas prioritizes implantation of the patient and that of the abdomen, thus mediating the level of secretion and secretion of a single insulin secretion in the equilibrium of the liver.

This is the only form of diabetes treatment, "said Dr. Nikolai Kunicher, CEO." Hoy, these are the only forms of control of the enfermedad. Esta es una cura ".

Sostiene que con el páncreas, el patiente nunca tendría que inyectarse insulin.

Therefore, bioartificial pancreatic cancer implants undergo a local anesthesia outpatient procedure.

Pruebas con animales

Embargo, hasta el momento los ensayos han sido realizado con animales. Los ensayos con humanos se lanzarán dentro de los proximos 12 meses.

Betalin espera que pancreas cueste alrededor de 50 mil dollars per patient, approximately 3.5 million dollars and est buscando ot 5 milones.

The Mundial Organization of the Salud calculates that the average person with diabetes in type I or type II diabetes. In fact, only 160 millones depend on insulin.

Los premios Nobel forms part of the concessionaire's betrayal of Betalin.

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