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What is the lottery of the SAT at El Buen Fin 2018?


According to SAT data, 500 million pesos will be returned to reward 149 thousand people who will buy from 16 to 19 November. Photo: Pixabay

According to SAT data, 500 million pesos will be returned to reward 149 thousand people who will buy from 16 to 19 November. Photo: Pixabay

Tax administration (SAT) has made all necessary arrangements to Draw for El Buen Fin 2018 is met on its terms and delivered awards up to 149 thousand winners.

"Everything is already covered, although due to time, logistics and organizational issues the draw will take place on December 6, 2018, with new authorities in public administration. Everything is guaranteed without any problems, "said Oswaldo Flores Lugo, the main administrator of the Inter-institutional SAT Service Programs.

In an interview with Excelsior, he reminded himself for the draw you have a bag of 500 million pesoswhich consists of return the amount of the purchase made during El Buen Fin, debit or credit card, for amounts ranging from 250 pesos to 10,000 pesos.

He explained that in order to ensure its implementation, the SAT obtained the permission of the General Directorate of Games and Fates of the Ministry of the Interior and issued a decree in the Federation of Statutes of the Federation, in which tax incentives are granted to participating financial institutions. program.


Fiscal incentive consisting in deduction for personal income tax (ISR) or retained by third parties for this tax, an amount that corresponds to the granting by the federal government of prizes for the benefit of natural persons holding the cards when they used credit or debit cards as the means of payment for the purchase of goods or services during the period known as "Good End" and have been the winners of the lottery conducted by the SAT ", specified in the Official Journal.

Flores Lugo pointed out that fiscal stimulus is aimed at encouraging the use of electronic means of payment and establishes the terms on how the payment of prizes will be guaranteed by institutions issuing debit and credit cards.

The official reminded that Fiscal Raffle tries to encourage consumers to enter the officially recognized trade, because all trade that makes a card payment is registered in the Federal Register of Taxpayers (RFCs), is therefore a program that encourages formal shopping purchases and pays for growth and job creation.


He said it during the five editions more than two thousand million pesos were collected during the drawfavoring over 670,000 winners who purchased products in Good End.

"From the first edition in 2011 Good End to data from 2017. There was an increase in sales by 130%, from 39 billion pesos to over 92 billion pesos in 2017. That meant success in the promotion plan," said the official.

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