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Try Porsche Cayenne: An old time lover


Our first date took place in Crete, Greece almost a year ago, and the "click" was immediate. Now in Mexico, we meet again with a couple of generations of Cayenne, who seems to be saying, "Meet me more, try me hard and fall in love."

They say that second and third meetings are the most important because they consolidate the possible relationship. The break is the nerve of the first meeting and if there is an immediate attraction, the next meeting will be the introduction to the inevitable.

Cayenne is a van seduced from the conception, from the silhouette itself, the almost religious experience of its origin forces us to overcome it slowly, without haste.

Meeting with Cayenne

I still remember that I was surrounded by an unusual view of the island of Crete in Greece; every element of it was the delight I watched, music and passion for my senses. In this context, Cayenne appeared on the horizon and the first impression made me look away and lose myself in his beautiful figure. It was not a metamorphosis in relation to the previous generation, but an evolution in all meanings.

"What quality of construction, what beauty, for God," I thought quietly, but epa! You can not tell a woman, I'm sorry about the truck, you've just met, you have to go slowly but solidly.

For the next two days, Cayenne became a true object of desire. His unusual behavior on the Greek roads convinced me that he was the head of the best-equipped luxury SUV in the world (not for free with the platform Urus with Lamborghini or Bentley Bentayga), and his sophisticated image predicted incredible sympathy.

I had to say goodbye to Cayenne, thinking: "Was it just a summer love, a journey and now?"


There were other meetings, such as his premiere in Coahuila or his presentation on CDMX during the arrival of the "Cayenne Expedition", but none of those that you see in the pictures.

The same feeling of improvement that I experienced on the first date appeared now. The front has sent me back to the 911 rebels with these iconic shapes of headlights, although the rear part is much more sober, with very well made and narrow lights that make Panamera awake.

No metamorphosis Well Porsche!

When Cayenne was born 16 years ago, he did it as an SUV with dynamism to test everything (he had to silence his body critique) and amazing features. That is why the brand has evolved gradually, not removing everything that precedes it and respecting its essence.

Inside, you can breathe the spirit of nostalgia and modernity. A digital cluster with two screens with a diagonal of 7 inches and a huge touch screen with a diagonal of 12.3 inches in the middle of the board (quite intuitive by the way) is part of its freshness, but the controls of the console retain the inherent tradition of the brand.

Cayenne, old-fashioned lover!

The sense of quality is obvious, the moldings are perceived and touched by the Premium model, while the surfaces, in the largest number of cases, are upholstered with leather.

The space in both rows is quite large, five people travel extremely comfortably and have enough space for legs and head. How do you understand that? It does not look like it, but it is slightly longer than the previous one, although it maintains the same wheelbase (2895 mm) and the roof height has been reduced by nine millimeters.

If the backrests are lowered, the luggage compartment volume is increased by a maximum of 100 liters compared to the predecessor.

They say that small details are those that fall in love, and there are two in Cayenne. The first is a function in which you can direct the sound of the radio to the selected area of ​​the car; the other is the handles placed on the sides of the center console for convenience when tilting or supporting a hand in traffic.

Truck 911

How do you not want to fall in love with her? When you take curves with eagerness, when you stick to asphalt as a hardened lover, you will never think that you are standing in front of a truck weighing almost two tons. Thanks to the lightweight chassis, it weighs 65 kg less, which translates into better response, greater steering precision and high speed stability, like a few others.

Not everything can be perfect in this meeting, and because we're talking about the address, there's not much feedback on what's happening with the wheels. However, the reaction of the twin-turbo engine allows its 440 horses to appear not only on the technical sheet as a simple advertising trick.

Initially biturbo V6 reacts in the best way from very low revolutions, never stops, always wants more, seems to be challenging all the time with a non-existent delay in delivery, and when the needle reaches the red zone, ecstasy to streams

The revolutionary turn control system helps control the chassis to get into the corner better. Adds a directional rear axle where at high speeds the rear wheels rotate at the same time and in the direction similar to the front wheels to improve stability, and at low speeds they turn in the opposite direction to reduce the turning radius and favor parking maneuvers.


After two meetings with her, I just checked what I thought at the first meeting. The Porsche Cayenne is now a luxury truck with the highest quality construction in the world, none of which has the improvements it offers. Who will be the beautiful who will be put in front of you?

Is this the best SUV in the world?

Here are 4 reasons to believe that it is.

– Determines in advance the transverse slope movements in the curve sections and reduces them. In addition, it minimizes lateral movement of the vehicle on uneven pavements.

– Steel brake discs with a ceramic coating (tungsten carbide) have been added. The advantage of steel brake discs is better reaction and particularly high resistance to fatigue.

– The warning and brake assistance included in the standard significantly reduces the risk of collision with cars, pedestrians and cyclists within the system limits.

– The revolutionary rotation control system helps control the chassis to better enter the curve.

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