Saturday , October 23 2021

They criticize Bella Hadid for her thinness


Victoria & # 39; s Secret Yesterday, she was celebrated her gorgeous but also controversial fashion show, criticized by the ideal of beauty she proposes.

Model Bella Hadid, One of his angels gives something to say about the thinness that appeared on the catwalk.
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Recently, the American model has been criticized for a series of photos, which she has made available on her account on Instagram, in which she looks very thin.

"Skin and bones … they do not mind being thin, but it's not healthy on many levels." "What a shame, @VictoriasSecret, to promote this completely unreal image, we have to end with the look = value concept." "I will never understand why outstanding bones through the skin are considered beautiful," some of the comments were.

Before confusion, Hadid wrote in the caption:

"All body types are different and react differently to the great exercise routine and healthy diet."

The Bella Hadid snapshots preceding the Victoria & # 39; s Secret fashion show once again fueled controversy over the lack of physical diversity which usually surrounds this catwalk, and that this year he publicly paid attention to the Australian model Robin Lawley.


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