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the new “evil” strategy that angered the Palace

The fourth season of the “Crown” series he carries the British royal family mainly. Focused on the unhappy marriage of Charles of England and Diana of Wales and in the infidelity of the prince with Camilla Parker Bowles, the episodes awakened old ghosts in the public.

Camilla Parker experienced a moment of hatred and rage when Lady Dee died. The cleansing of his image and the removal of the lover’s saber and the cause of Princess Diana’s suffering took decades. But the “Crown” manages to resurrect that I hate the Duchess of Cornwall it seemed extinct.

Photo: Ames Hewitt, on file.  (CP)
The fall of Ames Hewitt, the beautiful driver of Lady Dee, who ended up in the arms of Aramis Faster

Amparo de la Gama

The series not only worries the Royal Family. Some politicians have also spoken out against Netflix. They both believe that the scenes shown in “The Crown” do not correspond to the reality of the facts and that there is a lot of fiction. They want Netflix to clarify this before each episode. They also hold it damage to the image of the monarchy what is caused by each chapter can be irreversible.

The Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles.  (EFE)
The Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles. (EFE)

In the specific case of Camilla Parker Bowles, concerns are growing by the minute. Prince Charles’s wife receives assaults and insults through social networks as it has not happened for many years.

So, a new step taken by Netflix, this time through its Twitter account, fulfilled the patience of the British royal family.

Through their Twitter account, NetflixFilm, they promoted a documentary entitled “Diana: in her own words”, based on audio tapes the princess secretly recorded for biographer Andrew Morton. The Netflix tweet read: “The documentary answers a lot of what you are asking.”

The publication is accompanied by real images carefully modified with voice of the late princess, where Camilla is not left in a good place. The account has over half a million followers and is also regularly promoted from the main account of the streaming platform, which has over nine million followers on Twitter alone.

The barrage of insults and attacks on Camilla did not wait after the announcement. Not only that. These are extended to the queen, Isabel II, and her husband, Philip of Edinburgh.

Hatred for the public gradually spread to the whole family, to their concern and anger. Palacio sources assure that the steps taken by Netflix are causing great anger. “It is one thing to make a drama that even the writer did not make clear that it is not entirely realistic, but for Netflix to use its social networks to create and publish material. it’s corporate trolling: it’s pretty vicious. “, assures a source in the Daily Mail.

Lady Dee, designed by Catherine Walker in 1995.  (Getty)
Lady Dee, designed by Catherine Walker in 1995. (Getty)

The matter reached the political arena. Dramlin’s Conservative Lord Forsyth blames US streaming giant for “Cross the line” and assured that he was ready to lodged a complaint with the House of Lords and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: “It simply came to our notice then it is absolutely shocking. It is a lie, it is false. “And as the days go by without any action being taken on this topic, more and more people are watching this show and, unfortunately, people believe that it is a fact.”

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