Sunday , June 20 2021

The GP is looking for zero dengue cases in 2019

Gomez Palacio, Durango. – With four cases of dengue all year round, showing a very small number, Gomez Palacio does not rest any moment against the diseases that put the population at risk, as happens with the incidence of dengue and its complications

For this reason, the sub-director's staff for social prevention of municipalities, after planning the dengue made by Mayor Letizia Herrera Alej, takes months of colder and smaller reproduction of the mosquito to perform complementary tasks and that 2019 A year without a high incidence of cases.

The sub-unit for social prevention is permanently working on cleaning vessels and the elimination of accumulative water, in order to avoid the transfer of eggs from Aedes Aegipty precursors to the larvae, which then cause a mosquito that transmits dengue.

Also important work for raising awareness is maintained in the colonies where more vessels and potential locations for placing the larvae are accumulated in order to avoid the emergence of these risky larvae, said office head Jose Antonio Adam de León .

The official explained that the mechanism for the elimination of larvae was through trips and schedule, so families have these references on how they can contribute to the elimination of this larva that caused hundreds of cases of this disease.

It is also revised in homes, schools and public buildings, air vents, glass bottles or other containers are clean and without proliferation of the transmitting mosquito.

The guards are not reduced and, on the contrary, will be required to be months of more cold, serve to carry out complementary activities and raise a white flag in 2019, as in this year only four cases of classical dengue were registered, and in the following Exercise should be fully completed, he said.

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