Wednesday , January 20 2021

The Faculty of Medicine registered six positive cases of Covid-19

The director of the Medical Unit at the Salti Salo School of Medicine, Coahuila Autonomous University, Dr. Jesus Angel Padilla, reports that Clinical Surgical Practices have been suspended since October 16 when a positive case of Covid-19 was discovered in an associate of the Faculty.

He explained that the previous administration of the Faculty authorized the realization of face-to-face surgical clinical practices, starting on October 12, which were canceled four days later, ie on October 16, the day on which the first positive case of Covid appeared. . -19 to that employee.

Immediately after the decision to suspend the activities of the internships, the protocol for isolation and monitoring of the people who participated in them was implemented, of which eight TSR SARS-KOV-2 tests were scheduled for Kovid-19 through the health authority of the Coahuila Ministry of Health. .

As of Tuesday, six positive cases have been reported, which have mild and uncomplicated symptoms and are sheltered in their homes after sanitary measures and isolation.

The director pointed out that the cleaning and disinfection of all facilities of the Medical Faculty of the Saltilo unit was carried out in a timely manner. (Herald)

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