Sunday , October 24 2021

The best first group of immigrants to Querétaro


Mexico City– A group of about 700 migrants who dispersed from Mexico City began their arrival in Queretaro this afternoon.

The state government has implemented at least three temporary shelters – some that some of them refused – to continue their journey to the northern border.

In the afternoon, Governor Francisco Domínguez announced that he had installed a tent similar to the Ciudad Deportiva tent in Palmillas-Apaseo el Grande Macrolibramiento, which could have about 4,000 people.

But also in the Center of Culture and Congress in San Juan del Río and in the Corregidora stadium you can see the exodus of immigrants.

From Alameda Hidalgo they were transported in public trucks to various hostels, especially to Macrolibramiento.

According to official information, all temporary shelters meet the necessary conditions for safety, health and humane treatment.

In coordination with the state, there are also federal police, the national commission for Human Rights and the national migration institute.

Information that some Central Americans do not want to rest in Querétaro was mentioned this afternoon by Ombudsperaer, Nashieli Ramírez, the capital of the country, who added that tomorrow the second group will only pass through Querétaro to Guanajuato.

Up to now, there are also five collection points, in which you ask for clothes in good condition, blankets, unstable food and bottled water.

… And the rest of the caravan will leave tomorrow

This Saturday, starting from 5:00 am, most of the first group of nomadic caravans – consisting of about 4,000 people – will leave the hostel in Ciudad Deportiva, to which they arrived in stages from last Sunday. which lasted an hour, a delegation of Americans from Central America decided to resume their travels, going to Querétaro – as today about 700 people – in the presence of the capital authorities and civic organizations.

"We're going to Cuatro Caminos subway, and from there to Querétaro," said Billy from Honduras immigrant.

"Do not show up even at the UN, because we are going to lynch them, so I will tell you" – he added after leaving the meeting.

It is expected that by 20:00 Central Americans will inform about the route that Ombudsperson from Mexico City, Nashieli Ramírez, will pass from Querétaro to Guanajuato, then to Jalisco, and from there will travel through several cities until arriving in Tijuana. in Baja California.

"They will not come to Querétaro, they will take the highway towards Paseo el Alto (Guanajuato), they will be there, we will see Ombudsperson Guanajuato if arriving in Celaya or Irapuato," he said in an interview.

It is estimated that almost 90 percent of migrants will leave Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala tomorrow, and only a minority will decide not to follow the path.

"There they intend to define between Lagos or another part of La Piedad, and from there to Guadalajara, and from there to get to know this highway" – he added when asked that some migrants are not planning to go to this border, but to the east. Mexico.

Ramírez has confirmed that his counterparts from the countries in which the migrant exodus will take place coordinate activities so as not to leave him alone, as did the federal government.

The hostel in Ciudad Deportiva, summarized by Ombudsperson, will be continued for the following groups, which come from the south-eastern part of the country, if so decides the current and next government of the capital.

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