Wednesday , January 27 2021

Sylvia Navarro launches LOOK and boasts all the AOS that has been removed

Ni Wilde scar Would I have imagined that Sylvia Navarro It will be the woman with the true covenant of eternal youth. Recently, she showed off her new look where she got rid of her iconic image with the long and curly hair that has characterized her since the 1990s.

On this occasion, even she did not share the picture, but her friend Jackie Bracamonte, with whom she shares footage for the next production called La Suerte de Loli for Telemundo, after a long absence from television.

The actress is from Irapuato, Guanajuato, is ready to start a new project in this telenovela, which was promoted by advertising through its social networks. Meanwhile, their fans did not hesitate to praise them and comment on how beautiful they both look at this stage of life. They even pointed out that those hair styles look great on both of them and actually make them look much younger.

He did not change his appearance

In a few years Navarro She kept the brown and wavy look, which made her famous in the soap opera “When are you my”, but right now she was seen with a younger cut and with which she looks much less mature, so Jackie Bracamontes used the opportunity to brag Instant.

Shooting (and a lot of fun) with the tops @silvianavarroyya #lasuertedeloli @lasuertedeloli, wrote Bracamontes, while the two posed in front of the camera making a duck.

Silvua is a 42-year-old woman and very talented, there is no denying it. He has shown this in every of his productions since he started more than 28 years ago in the telenovela industry.

Comments such as: They are both beautiful, They are very beautiful, How good Sylvia looks, Her friendship is the best, They look great, This is how Sylvia looks much younger, which her fans kindly wrote after seeing them in the photo.

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