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Spain issues international warning of listeriosis, 150 cases passed

Listeriosis in pork also caused death. The European Community has received the notification and is investigating possible cases with tourists

Health authorities monitor the evolution of the outbreak, which accompanies listeriosis discovered on August 15 in southern Spain

Regeneration, August 22, 2019. Spain issued an international health warning on Thursday as a result of an increased incidence of listeriosis in pork, killing 150 people and causing death

Spanish Health Minister Maria Luisa Carcido explained that the notification had been communicated to the European Union and the World Health Organization.

This was before some tourists could be affected, the official explained.

The outbreak began on August 15 in the Andalusian region of the south of the country and marked the first death on Monday of a 19-year-old 90-year-old woman.
In a report by journalist vlvaro Sánchez, he mentions that the product that triggered the epidemic is a series of grated meat on the market under the brand "La Mechi".
A community spokeswoman said Thursday:
"The European Commission is aware of the phenomenon associated with meat consumption. We cooperate with Spanish authorities and closely monitor developments »

He explained: "The Spanish authorities have informed us that the distribution of meat is restricted to Spanish territory and that the necessary measures have been taken."

Among these measures is to halt the production and withdrawal of contaminated products from the market, "he told listeriosis.

Reported cases

As of this Wednesday, according to Jesús Aguirre, Andalusian Health Minister, there are 132 cases in his community.

Three cases have been reported in each community in Catalonia, Asturias and Aragon.

Spanish health authorities said the total was 145.
However, the health board included another information on the outbreak.

He said the number of suspicious cases was 529 in all of Spain.

These are cases that have not been confirmed but have symptoms compatible with listeriosis but whose final diagnosis is awaiting confirmatory analysis.

The board's spokesman for the outbreak monitoring committee, Jose Miguel Kissners, said it took several days to assess the development of the outbreak.

"In the next few days it will be crucial to know if the epidemic stabilizes," he said.

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