Friday , June 18 2021

Semar ordered the disclosure of various activities in the Ayotzinapa case

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) Secretary of the Navy (Semar) must disclose data regarding its participation divers in a search carried out in the San Juan River, in the commune Cocula, Guerrero, to locate 43 students from the rural elementary school Raúl Isidro Burgos from Ayotzinapa, in 2014.

This is in response to the order of the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (Inai).

Semar must provide all generated and documented information from which the dates, number of elements, reports, findings or information cards related to the operation or operation of its elements originate.

Incomplete information

The citizen asked for information from Semar, but before the institute he lodged an appeal to the revision, in which he stated that the Secretariat had provided incomplete information.

In the analysis of the case, Commissioner Guerra warned that the obligated object exceeded the right of access to the information of the appellant, because he limited himself to providing a report that did not cover the application in its entirety.

Semar had to provide documents that included participation and intervention of its elements in every operation or operation.

However, he generated only one report and officially issued a ruling on the non-existence of the required information.

Normative duty

Considering the content of the report received by the citizen, which derives from the review of the normative framework applicable to the seminar, such as the general regulation on Navy duties, it was found that divers leaving the Nine Naval region have a standard duty to provide official information to the supervisor regarding activities or events, they were commissioned to.

There is no reason not to have them

Guerra Ford explained that the report itself refers to various documents, such as the PGR prosecutor's office, which required the allocation of elements to participate in the search for 43 missing standardizers and the office of response when nominating 11 participating divers.
These documents were not provided as part of the reply.

"It should not be forgotten that due to the preparation of the Armed Forces, as in the case of the Navy Secretariat, all activities or activities entrusted to its elements are compulsorily documented by both the superior who hands over the instructions and the elements appointed or delegated. .. ", He said.

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