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Ruthless users ask if Ring Fit Adventure works with the Wii –

Ring fits adventure It is already available and, although Nintendo has clearly been promoting it in recent weeks and since its release, it seems that some little unclean fans are still a little mistaken about it.

This way we have recently been able to know through a few questions that several product stakeholders have shared with stores like Amazon. Most of them seem to come from some users who aren't very up-to-date on the latest Nintendo news, who even wonder if Ring Fit Adventure is compatible with the mythical Wii.

Here are some examples:

Q: Does this game work with the Wii?

A: Did you read the available information before asking the question? No no. Does the Wii mean anywhere in the title or description? No, it's not.

Q: Will this work for my son Nintendo Vita?

A: There is no Nintendo Vita. If you are wondering about the PlayStation Vita, the answer is no. This is just for the Nintendo Switch.

Q: Will it work with my Wii controllers? And if so, who would put in the lane and put in the ring?

A: This game doesn't work with anything related to the Wii. Works only on the Nintendo Switch and requires some original Joy-Con.

Q: OK, so you have to have a Nintendo Switch in order for it to work?

A: Yes, it's a Nintendo Switch video game, so you need a Switch to play it.

What do you think about these questions? Do you know any dirt like that? Anyway, what is clear is that the product is catching the attention of a slightly different audience, don't you think?

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