Friday , October 22 2021

Rayados is equal to the guest and he is fourth in the table


Rayados de Monterrey confirmed his move to Liguilla, binding his goal in his visit to Hidrorayos del Necaxa, in a match against Date 16, which took place at Victoria Stadium yesterday evening.

With only nine minutes on the judge's watch, Monterrey managed to materialize his superiority. Rodolfo Pizarro He recovered the ball, it served in his favor Leonel Vangioniwhich focused on searching for precise intervention Dorlan Pabónwho signed the royal advantage.

The hosts have not stopped trying to compete. In the 71st minute, Luis Felipe Gallegos, carefully watching the new Brian Fernandez, placed the ball at the end of the goal, directed by Diego Alonso.

After the draw, the royal team reached 27 units and got an application for the Grand Party, which took fourth place.

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