Wednesday , January 20 2021

Opposition stops Morena; they do not reach the quorum for “dismantling” the Health Fund

Again opposition re-applies the tactic of not voting in plenary session Chamber of Deputies Y Brunette and its allies fail to reach a quorum to approve the reform in General law on health Y “Dismantle” the Health Fund, in order to return 33 billion pesos for Income Law of 2021.

When federal lawmakers tried to approve the vote, 227 votes were cast in the Chamber of Deputies, with 2 abstentions and 3 against, mostly by lawmakers from Morena, PT, PES and Verde, leaving only 232 lawmakers in attendance.

With this, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Dulce Maria Sauri, verified the vote and opened the quorum review committee and ruled a break.

During the quorum verification, only 239 MPs were registered, so it was determined that there are no legislators needed to continue the session, and that is 251, so the session closed and called this Wednesday at 11 am and will restart with the same opinion. .


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