Sunday , October 17 2021

Messi receives medical agreement and will play with Betis de Guardado


Returns from Lionel Messi and Samuel Umtiti and the lack of Ousmane Dembélé are the main news on the list of teams that coach BarcelonaErnesto Valverde, he gave this Saturday this Sunday Betis on Camp Nou.

Messi and Umtiti practiced for several days at the same pace as their teammates, and on Saturday they received a sick leave before entering the ward.

On the other hand, Dembélé, who was absent this week in training due to gastroenteritis, and who was practiced outside the group on Friday, was omitted by a technical decision.

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Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde justified the decision to leave Betis before Ousmane Dembélé, because this is the best moment for his team.

"Dembélé is not a punishment, but everyone can interpret it as they please." Sometimes, some are called, and sometimes others. "I try to do everything in my power and for my club," said Valverde at a press conference.

Due to the fact that the French on the list was on the list, Malcolm, who was the author of Barça's goal against Inter Milan, could have a chance, although Valverde did not want to promote anything.

"It will be very dependent on performance." He walked slowly, but he's got a great approach, the season is long and you'll see if he's playing tomorrow or not, "said the Brazilian.

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