Saturday , April 17 2021

Medical students are not yet interns at the hospital

For more than seven months, under the direction of the health department and the UAT Rectorate, medical students were unable to perform their internships at the entity’s clinics and hospitals. Pedro Mendoza Mukiz, director of the Matamoros School of Medicine, noted that given the limitations and the need for internships required by this career, UAT medical schools have chosen to perform some clinical exercises in small group schools and with measures defined by the Ministry of Health.

The academic pointed out that in terms of the most advanced in the career, ie. internal graduate and social work students do this phase in clinics and hospitals, but not in the Covid areas, however, reach out to patients. That is why the Rectorate supported them with a team that helps them.

Mendoza Mukviz added that although the classes of those who started their medical careers this semester were distance learning, there was no dropout, the number of students regularly starting their careers at Matamoros College remains the same for many years.

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