Books, the criptomoneda de Facebook, sigue encontrando importantes obstáculos en el camino. Y es que cinco empresas de renombre anunciaron que dejarán de apoyar el proyecto. Hablamos de Mastercard, Visa, eBay, Stripe and Mercado Pago, the organization that is jugaban a fundamental papal in the red social estrategia. Junto a PayPal, the quintessential abandonment of the Association Books is only a semana, which is about to enter the barco.

Cabe señalar que The Wall Street Journal adelantó, el pasado 2 de octubre, en algunas involucradas estaban reconsiderando su participación, incluyendo Mastercard y Visa. The companionship of the people, as respects and reconceptualization of the potential of Libra, is at present prefieren dedicar sus esfuerzos a sus propios productos. Stripe, but ejemplo, pronounced in the middle of a portico, which affirms that the abiertos aboard a collision with the suspect criptomoneda in the futuro, but not to excite the enthusiasm of the "apoyar initiatives that they have to objetivo hacer crecer el comercio".

This visa is, but in part, to be evaluated as a retroactive evaluation of the pen with the Facebook profile in one step only. Other prefixes are deterministic as to the sum of all factors, "including the capacity of the Libra Association para. satisfacer plenamente todas las expectativas regulatorias requeridas ", concludes:

The continuation of Visa and Libra interests beyond the reach of creatives that redefines the basics of blockchain is to regulate the extensions of the digital currency through a number of people and neighborhoods, particularly in emergencies and deserts.

La postura de esta tltima empresa es significativa, ya expone sus Preocupaciones respecto a los organisms et gobiernos que dudan de Libra. Applying for free, as confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, the presentation was made by the Representatives of the United States for the purpose of installing a virtual currency into the todo. However, this is the type of notation that is generally included in the list.

eBay offers a similar line to the Stripe, arguing that Facebook's view of Libra is currently being exploited in the face of proprietary payment experience for a number of clients. Uber y Lyft no act of la misma manera. Representantes de ambas empresas aseguraron a CNBC that no planan abandoned the association, but no menus at this moment.

Books that tambalea

¿Where do you find Facebook ante todo this? Dante Disparte, responsible for Libra communication, says that "restricting one's association with the empire, social impact organizations and other parties interested in accessing information in a transparent and transparent environment". Aggrego: "Esperamos en unaugural reunion del consejo de la Association d'Alle solo 3 dias, as the announcing of the initials of the Association".

Undoubtedly, the most important part of the payload and payload platforms is one golpe muy duro para estrategia de Facebook. Initiales eran 28 entidades las que habían sample su respaldo; now quedan 22. There are no issues that can be resolved in any way. Ahora mismo, the futuro de Libra es bastante incierto.