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Los Angeles Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers IN IVO online broadcast NOW NFL (24-24) | 23/11/2020

23:11 7 minutes ago

4th quarter | 2:40 p.m.

As fourth down, Gay shoots from 40 yards, and the Rams take the lead, although there will be plenty of time for Tampa Bay.

22:08 10 minutes ago

4th quarter | 3:01

The Rams quickly crossed the pitch and with a great pass from Goff to Woods, they are already close to the yard of the 20th.

22:02 16 minutes ago

4 to Quarto | 3:59 BOOKANERI FOR ALLOWED

A long pass from Brady who connects with Brown and gets TD with a great flight over the Aries defender.
The shot is over. Everything is equal to 24 points!

21:56 21 minutes ago

4th quarter | 7:25 p.m.

Goff’s pass was intercepted by Whitehead and the Bakaners celebrated!

Before 23:54 24 minutes ago

4th quarter | 8:21

Tampa Bay played on the fourth opportunity and Brady’s pass was incomplete.
The Rams will have offensive series on the 42 yard line.

Before 23:51 27 minutes ago

4th quarter | 9:04

Bakaneri’s offense is already over the middle and they will demand a TD of equality.

23:45 33 minutes ago

4th quarter | 11:51

Brady spends the series with wrong passes and a new show will offend Los Angeles.

Before 22:39 at 39 minutes

4th quarter | 13:28

The Rams did not use the series and Tom Brady will come for the Bucks offense.

Before 22:35 43 minutes

Great game of Akers

44 minutes before 22:33

3 quarter | 0:00 p.m.

22:31 an hour ago

3 quarter | 0:11

Throwing Tom Brady very close to his end zone and the Aries will have a great chance for a new touchdown.

22:27 an hour ago

3 quarter | 1:24

The Los Angeles team could not advance from midfield and will pass the ball to rivals.

22:20 an hour ago

3 quarter | 4:41

Brady’s new attempt for a long pass that missed Brown and will have an offensive game for Los Angeles.

22:16 an hour ago

3rd Quarto | 5:44 FRAMES FOR ALLOWED

22:10 an hour ago

3 quarter | 7:42

A gift from Tom Brady in a pass that was in the hands of Fuller and the Aries returned to play in the attack from the 37th yard of the Bucks.

22:06 an hour ago

3 quarter | 8:30

Gay missed the shot and could not give the Rams an advantage in this offensive series.

22:01 an hour ago

3 quarter | 10:43

The Rams have a good offensive series and are already in the midfield with 16 yards added to Woods.

21:56 an hour ago

3 quarter | 12:46

Sakop makes the shot good and everything is tied again!

21:54 an hour ago

3 quarter | 13:42

He started the third quarter with Rams in attack, but still intercepted the ball Pierre-Paul and Buchaneros are close to TD.

Before 21:43 2 hours

Rams love the game

Before 21:40 2 hours

Half time

The partial advantage is for the visitors.
The scoreboard is currently: Aries 17-14 Bakaneri.

Before 21:38 2 hours ago

2nd quarter | 0:01

After a great game in the attack of Woods, the ball was in the end zone, and the person in charge of the realization of the shot was Gay, who gave the Aries an advantage before the halftime.

21:29 2 hours ago

2 quarter | 1:07

For the fourth time the ball will go to the Aries in attack.

21:27 2 hours ago

Tampa Bay was spinning

Before 21:25 2 hours

2nd quarter | 2:00 p.m.

We reached the two-minute break with an interesting offensive series for the Bacanci, who are practically halfway.

9:20 p.m. 2 hours ago

2to Quarto | 4:31 ADMISSION FRAMES

Before 9:10 p.m. 2 hours ago

2to Quarto | 8:38 BOOKANES FOR ALLOWED

Before 19:56 2 hours ago

Tampa Bay TD

Before 19:49 2 hours ago


20:43 3 hours ago

1 quarter | 1:00 p.m.

Brady found Gronkovski and they are close to the end zone, Good offensive series from Bucks!

20:40 3 hours ago

They left him alone

20:36 3 hours ago

1st Quarto | 3:55 ADMISSION FRAMES

After a skillful move, Goff found a pass to Woods and he has already scored his first TD for the Aries!
The goal on the field is good from Gay.

20:32 3 hours ago

1 quarter | 5:13

A penalty for Bacanci, which costs the first and the goal against, just two yards away.

20:30 3 hours ago

1 quarter | 7:01 p.m.

Great pass from Goff to Cooper Kop who broke one tackle and got past the first and the goal.

20:23 3 hours ago

1 quarter | 11:47

In the 3rd down, Brady missed the pass and there will be an offensive series for the Aries.

20:16 3 hours ago

1 quarter | 15:00

Start the game!
The first offense will be for Brady and company.

20:13 3 hours ago

All ready for the game tonight

20:03 3 hours ago

The winner can lead his division

Before 19:58 3 hours ago

These are the inactive Aries

Before 19:52 3 hours ago

Inactive groceries

Before 19:48 3 hours ago

The rams are here

Before 19:34 4 hours ago

Will Aries be a Problem for Bakers?

Before 19:29 4 hours ago

Locals have arrived

Before 19:23 4 hours ago

Welcome to the live broadcast

We are already starting and for a moment we will bring you the most relevant information about this game Rams vs Buccaneers in Tampa.
Stay with us!

Before 17:32 6 hours ago

Do not separate from here

Before 17:27 6 hours ago

Last match between Rams and Bucks

Before 17:22 6 hours ago

How and where to see Aries versus Bakaners

Before 17:17 6 hours ago

Watch out for this Rams player

Before 17:12 6 hours ago

Watch out for this Bacancers player

Before 17:07 6 hours ago

Rams great season

Before 17:02 6 hours ago

Tampa Bay looking for Playoffs

Before 15:57 6 hours ago

Good afternoon to all WAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Los Angeles Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 11th week of the NFL 2020
The match will take place at Raymond James Stadium at 7:15 p.m.

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