Friday , April 16 2021

Jaime Mausan accused “huge” interests after the cancellation of the forum for Covid

Jaime Mausan, who is best known for his attention to UFO phenomenon, blamed the existence of “strong interestsAfter the cancellation of virtual forum with senators in which the use of “HydrotenAs a possible treatment for Covid-19.

Through Twitter, Mausan pointed out that these interests prevent products such as those he sponsors from being investigated, and that scientific protocols demonstrating their effectiveness against Covid-19 could be implemented.

He added that by giving up conference, to whom he was invited, “misses an extraordinary opportunity for the people of Mexico to learn the truth.”

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He also specified that during the qualification of “Carotene red hydrosolub“How”miracle productThe opportunity to prove that it is lost.

The Alternative Drug Forum has been canceled for Covid-19

An hour before the forum, at Senator Lucia Transvisha He posted a letter on his Twitter account stating that the virtual forum aims to promote “dialogue, debate and the exchange of constructive ideas and to give citizens a voice”.

“However, before misinformation, mismanagement of the press, I see the need to cancel the forum, not only to stop various controversies related to this issue, which arise from lack of information, but also not to divert public opinion. on the central theme of health. “

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The senator also acknowledged the need to wait Federal Commission for Sanitary Risk Protection (Cofepris) “dictates resolution”.

What the legislator did not mention is that despite the fact that the drug is being promoted on social networks, on October 28, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Promotion of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatel He replied to the developer of the drug, a solution for injections, that there were formal procedures for evaluating their effectiveness.


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