Friday , April 16 2021

Isabel Madow showed her AMAZING figure after losing 30 kg: PHOTO

Isabel Madow surprised his followers on social networks by sharing a photo in which he reveals his sculpture figure, assuming I lost 30 pounds.

The actress and model The 47-year-old boasted on his Instagram account that he is in the biggest period, despite having an enviable figure that he did not hesitate to share with his fans through bold photographer and videos.

Isabel Madow shared the difficult process she went through to be able to weightThis after a complicated operation for hemorrhagic cysts and her pregnancy that made her gain weight.

At that point the hormones went to heaven and I gained 30 pounds more baby. “Among some things that happened to me, I got preeclampsia,” he said.

Isabel Madow and her bold photos

The model did not stop competing with her statuette figure on her Instagram profile, which made her fans fall in love and leave Internet users breathless.

“I have suffered a lot of abuse and criticism of my body for four years without mercy, however, I feel very blessed and thankful to God that my baby has and would do everything the same knowing he is coming,” she said in an interview with the media. communication.

The model shared that she has regained her weight and her health is better than ever, so she feels strong and eager to progress with her baby.

Photo: Facebook

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