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The iPhone family of 2018 presents three alternatives with significant differences. We analyze the basic model of this year. How do they look and are they attractive compared to the rest?

The reference model and evolution of the iPhone & # 39; and in this 2019 is the new Xs (read ten s). After last year's meeting of the team dealing with all screens that revolutionized Apple users, the iPhone X, this year the California company's offer considered a trident of smart phones, which also includes the iPhone Xr, cost, and the iPhone Xs Max, the largest and most expensive.

And these three teams surround Xs, which threaten their charm, going beyond the good opportunities that the team certainly offers.

With regard to its predecessor, the great evolution that presents the iPhone & xix; and Xs is internal. The performance provided by the new Bionic A12 chip with 8-core neural engine and built-in 7 nanometers, optimizes its performance and energy consumption. This guarantees performance for all applications and games launched on your mobile phone.

A12 Bionic presents the architecture of core fusion for higher speed and performance. The new 8-core design allows you to perform up to 5 billion operations per second, compared to 600 billion on the Bionic A11 chip, according to the company.

We could test the device on the device, the memory has reached 256 GB, so there is plenty of room for the vast majority of tasks and files that you plan to store. In the same way, the battery provides a satisfactory working time throughout the day of use; without pretension, achieve this goal, and even if your use is not intense, it will reach you to start the next day.

Screen and photos

The 5.8-inch Super Retina screen provides the same effect as Iphone X: it gains much more space to view content without having to increase the overall size of your computer. The same makes the handle comfortable and can be operated without any inconvenience.

When it comes to visualization, with a customized OLED design, the display is compatible with Dolby Vision and HDR10, in turn optimizes contrast and sharpness, which is especially valuable when we are exposed to external light, even with the sun

Xs offers a dual system of 12-megapixel cameras with optical stabilization and 2x optical zoom. It also offers features such as advanced depth segmentation using a neural motor, intelligent HDR for high dynamic range images or very detail, and a classic advanced bokeh effect for photos in portrait mode.

Video recording also offers good quality with a special glow for optical stabilization and larger pixels with a larger and faster sensor.

Experience in design and navigation

At first glance, it will be difficult to distinguish between X and Xs. The design of the latter is emphasized by the band made of surgical steel, now in golden color. For this we add a glass composition at the front and back with the promise of being the most resistant to your smartphone. In addition, it achieves a new level of splash and water resistance with IP68 certification of up to 2 meters for 30 minutes and protects against possible leaks of coffee, tea and baking soda.

The strong point that stands out in Iphone Xs, and what is not surprising, is its browsing, especially for those who already know the iOS system. Initially, the Face ID authentication system works quickly and does not hinder the start. The latest iOS 12 software comes from the factory with this mobile phone and presents new experiences of augmented reality, focusing on communication to make it more social, attractive and more
dynamics with new Animoji and Memoji.


Although the iPhone Xs (from 999 USD) is a complete smartphone that would suit every Apple user himself, his family companions can complicate it when they contrast with each other. For example, the only major change from last year's mobile version is the new processor and a slight improvement in the battery. therefore, we ask ourselves whether it is reasonable to pay more for it. The current iPhone user & # 39; and X (2017) have little reason to make a jump to the 2018 model.

Similar logic can work for iPhone & xix; and Xr ($ 749), which is a lower cost, and although it offers lower benefits, for example only the main camera and the LCD screen, you gain access to the same level of operation for a lot less dollars.

The downtime in which the iPhone Xs is located is complemented by the contrast of the iPhone Xs Max. That's right, the differences are minimal and basically lie in the size of the screen (6.5 inches) and a slightly higher battery. But this simple detail provides a really attractive and immersive visual experience for which you have to pay a hundred dollars more ($ 1,099).

In addition, it is important to remember that all of the reference values ​​applicable to the US market tend to significantly increase at the local level in Latin America, which would further increase the differences between the different teams. From now on everything is literally in the hands of the user. And while X does not seem to be the most attractive proposition of the year, Apple has managed to complete the wider range with competitive options and at different price levels.

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