Sunday , January 17 2021

iOS 15: Filtered list of iPhone that will not get the new operating system

As we all know, apple launched in September iOS 14, new update of iPhone operating system, which is compatible with virtually all your latest phones, ie. from SE to the new 12 Pro Max.

iOS 14 brought it totally with you updated home screen, in which the option to be able to customize our applications widgets and categories, as well as device users Android.

There were also changes in Siri, на review of incoming calls, as well as the arrival of the long-awaited feature Picture by picture, with which we can continue to watch our videos without having to pause or remove them when opening another application.

Every year, Cupertino updates the operating system of its phones in order to keep them at the forefront and add new features and applications that are in line with the trends and needs of the users.

What has been said about iOS 15

It has not been a secret for anyone since then in 2021 get a new update up iOS 15, some of which leaks show that September 15and during a special Apple event.

Some rumors about this new update of the iPhone operating system suggest that it brings you the opportunity interact with plugins, complete recovery of the Music application, as well as the possible arrival of a augmented reality application created by experts from Cupertino.

Also, some specialized media apparently predict that some popular iPhone models are already will not be compatible with iOS 15; The Israeli site The Verifier notes that phones with a chip A9, that is to say, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus Y iPhone SE Generation 1 will no longer be updated next year.

This is because these iPhones have an estimated life cycle of six years, during which time they received the same number of operating system updates; this would mean that iOS 15 would only be available from iPhone 7 From now on, that in 2021 they will celebrate their fifth anniversary on the market, so updates will be guaranteed until 2022.

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