Sunday , January 24 2021

Interpol issue red card against Jesus Orta and Frida Martinez, two former Federal Police chiefs

Orta Martinez and Martinez Zamora have a warrant against them for the crime of organized crime for carrying out operations with resources of illicit origin.

Mexico City, October 27 (However). – International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol, for his acronym in English) issued by A. red chip to stop Jesus Orta Martinez Y Frieda Martinez Zamora, former general secretaries of Federal Police, therefore required in 195 countries.

The Attorney General’s Office requested support from Interpol to locate former officers, according to initial reports. The office, based in Lyon, France, issued the dossier.

On August 10, a federal judge issued arrest warrants against 19 former Interior Ministry officials during the administration of Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, including Jesus Orta, former Secretary of Civil Security in Mexico City and Frieda Martinez Zamora, former Secretary-General of the non-existent Federal Police.

Former officials stand out for their alleged responsibility in the crime of organized crime in order to carry out operations with resources of illicit origin, for almost 3.5 billion pesos.

They are accused of diverting resources through irregular purchases of patrols, aircraft, technology and spyware.

The arrest warrants were released after the Secretary of Public Security and Protection filed a complaint against the 19 former officials.

Jesus Orta, former head of the SSS, during the CNDHDF Annual Report for 2018. Photo: Andrea Murcia, Quartosco.


Frida Martinez Zamora, who was a close associate of former Home Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, has filed a lawsuit against organized crime and operations with illicit resources.

The amparo was processed on August 31 and reported on September 17 to be processed by a federal judge living in Toluca, Mexico.

According to the former officer in her request for protection, her relatives informed her that in various buildings located in the state of Mexico, she was searched by some people who introduced themselves as police agents and asked for information about their addresses, hours and activities.

Frida Martinez was in charge of administrative affairs during her time in the PF, which in the last administration depended on the Ministry of Interior. He also served as Osorio Chong’s representative at the Electoral Institute before the PRI member became governor of Hidalgo.

For his part, Jesus Orta, who took over as head of Mexico City’s Civil Security Secretariat after becoming secretary general of the Federal Police, sought an amparo in August against a warrant for organized crime.

In September, Mexico City’s Eighth District Criminal Court accepted the appeal and granted a temporary suspension of any arrest warrant.

Mexico City Prime Minister Claudia Shanebaum Pardo confirmed in August that her former security secretary was being investigated by the federation.

“We have learned that an investigation is being carried out by the public prosecutor’s office into his previous positions and that was one of the reasons he found out about his resignation request,” the capital’s president said.

Schinbaum Pardo assured that Orta had exceeded the trust filters required by law.

“Officials entering the Secretariat for Citizen Security in senior positions under the law have an overview of their trust, which in this case is federal. “We fully agree with the eradication of corruption,” he said.

It also confirmed that the Comptroller General was investigating.

“There is a very important job in the controller’s office because when we receive the Government, in the same way, when the head comes out, there is delivery-reception and examination; “then, from there, the controller’s office does its job and the controller can notify them according to the work they have completed and the due process, if it finds an irregularity,” he said at a virtual conference on August 14.

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