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Instagram is launching a new messaging app that aims to beat Snapchat

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive, recently confirmed his intentions and plans to compete with the TikTok app. But, obviously, this is not the only application the entrepreneur is concerned about.

On October 3, Facebook announced the launch of "Themes", a new autonomous messaging app for its Instagram photo sharing platform, which has further intensified its company competition in social networks and in particular the race between Facebook and Snapchat. And whether that is after the announcement of new Instagram posts, Snap Inc's parent company Snapchat's parent company on Thursday afternoon— fell by 5%, Reported Reuters.

What is this about?

Like Snapchat, Threads focuses on the camera and allows its clients to quickly share messages and photos with their "close friends". In addition, it allows users to continuously or passively share their location in real time, their status – what they do, in other words -, their battery level and other personal data.

Facebook guarantees that this information will only be stored on users' devices for a limited time and that it will not be collected on company servers or used to deliver displayed ads, including location information, the network giant says, "if removed [el cliente] Remove the strings, "according to the second privacy statement.

In general, Themes are there three key components: camera, input bar, and status screen.

  • Since the application prioritizes the sending of pictures, before messages, the first thing you will see when you open the application is the camera. From here you can take photos and videos and share them with friends, just like on Instagram. But unlike its parent application, the Threads camera has no filters.
  • Chat with friends is inbox – identical to Instagram Direct. The only difference is that, in Themes, the inbox is limited to dialogues with close friends.
  • The last item is the status screen. Although it sounds complicated, in reality this feature consists of short pieces of text accompanied by allusive emotions. For example, "in a cafe", along with a picture of a cup of coffee. Users can choose from some of the proposed "states" ("low battery", "on the go", "at home", "in the gym", etc.), create their own or not use them: the function is optional. But when selecting a "state", users are required to configure how long it will remain visible, from one hour to four.

Automatic status

The function also has an "automatic status" option, so it is updated.

"If you enable automatic status, Themes will ask your phone location, movement, battery level and network connection to determine what context to share," Facebook says. The function will not share the precise location, but will use it to select the appropriate "state". For example, if the user's location determines that they are located in a particular cafeteria, Themes will automatically select "in the cafeteria" but will not reveal their name or address.

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