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"I saw kids vomiting water so they wouldn't eat"

He Veracruz It breaks down. With the threat of disappointment on the table, players begin to see where they are going to play at the end of the tournament.

One of them is English Colin Kazim Richards, who is tired of seeing what happens in the red sharks. Speaking to the press, Globesporte, from Brazil, where he played for several years, condemned what he saw in Mexican football.

The Brazilian portal says:

"Due to management problems, Veracruz stopped paying the salaries of athletes and officials in March, causing the team to live in days of sadness and revolt. cThe Mexican center has become a personal drama for many players in the midst of financial troubles and late payments. The main victims were the youngest baseball athletes who could not adjust their accounts to live in dignity, ”he says.

And the football player's statement:

"If the offside situation is difficult, how can they play? It reflects what is going on outside. It is very difficult to try to work, to keep going. There was a situation I have never seen in football. Never! When you train and you see a child who does not eat for three days. He began to vomit water. He didn't vomit food, nothing. I asked him what happened and he said he hadn't eaten in three days. I took him to eat. "

The episode quoted by the attacker occurred two months ago and almost made Kazim cry, who says he did not even cry at the birth of his son. After a careful look at the dramatic scene, the ex-boyfriend learned that other younger athletes had financial problems. He then arranged for a secret meeting to help at least four children, stressing that it was not a loan but a charity gesture.

"I think no one would believe it because it's not normal. I didn't do it to get compliments because I'm a good person. I paid the boys because it's so. They deserve someone to help them. I have kids and "I was waiting for someone to help them. Thank God, I had a good career and I could help because they were suffering a lot. Guys who had to leave home to make their dreams come true."

The Englishman recalls that things were normal until March, when delays started and the team leaders left.

"This is life, it's not known if these situations are going to happen. If I knew I wouldn't get my salary in six months, of course, I'd never leave. I'm not sorry about that. God put me here for a reason, yes Help these kids. It has never been easy in my life, so I had to help, ”says Kazim.

Proven fear in the Mexican footballer.

"If this situation happened in Brazil, the players of all the clubs would be together. I think they are very scared, not very sure. They have weird things. If it happened in Brazil, the players didn't train. Here they train, believe in the president. "Just so far they haven't got anything. It can't be a month or two late, well, it's happening in many places. But seven months?"

So in a few weeks he will leave Mexico.

"I will not be on this team. My contract ends in two weeks. I will see my contract. I am interested in other teams here, but my wife and my children are Brazilians. I miss playing in Brazil, the championship is competitive. "The fans in Brazil are fantastic. My family and my heart are in Brazil. My heart is in Brazil."

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