Sunday , October 24 2021

He was betrayed; "Sampaola delighted me, he told me he was going to the world championship," says Marchesín


Agustín Marchesín did not enter the list of 23 players who came with the Argentina National Team to Russia 2018... even when they promised it to them.

In an interview with Univisión TDN, goalkeeper Águilas del América, assured it hurt him so much that he was missed in the world tournament, because the then coach, Jorge Sampaoli, promised him that he would be there.

"It was the hardest blow for me in my career, it's very difficult to talk about the coach, but when they play with the illusion of one, summon you, tell you that you're going to be in a party … There were many things, many factors", he said, adding that he was told that he would be on the list.

Nahuel Guzmán deserves to be, assures

In an interview Marchesín also assured that although Armani "falls apart" in Argentina, who also deserved to come to Russia in 2018 was Nahuel Guzmán, a porter from tigers.

"It was four years of trial, I was in twelve duels." Although I felt that I deserved it more than other archers, because I was in the process of elimination, but it is understood that it is very high level and I had to support as an amateur ", He assured.

In matches with the Mexican national team, Marchesín is one of the goalkeepers who called Argentina.

One year later may be the starter, after the last match with Albiceleste Selection, in which he received four goals against Nigeria.

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