Google's official Android camera is one of the best assets of the operating system. Available on official terminals of companies and some third parties through an external APK, use it computer photography to generate incredible images, and is undoubtedly one of the biggest jealousies for iOS users.

Although we are sure that Google will not apply to shoot iOS with its technology in the short term, the truth is that it gradually takes over the functions of some of its official applications. And this is as the company confirmed, the latest version of Google Photos for iOS includes the ability to edit the depth of the field in pictures taken with the camera on the iPhone and photo editing of the portrait mode:

It's not a big change to what iOS users already have through the official application or other third-party applications, such as Spotlights, but it's a very interesting add-on for all those who use it unlimited storage of Google Photos and also edit their images with this application, so it can be a very interesting alternative for those who are looking for all your photos are centralized in one place.

Part of the features that Google Photos gets now in iOS were already available, albeit with another name, in the Snapseed application, at least the portrait enhancement section, albeit yes, without control of the depth of the field.

These improvements in the Google app are not yet available for everyone, but if you have the latest version of the iOS app, it will be activated soon. In addition, along with portrait enhancements, Google Photos for iOS also allows remove background color while keeping the elements in the foreground, among other minor improvements related to the performance of the application.

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