Tuesday , January 19 2021

Get to know the banks that offer credit cards without commission

Photo: ROETERS / Eric Gallard
Photo: Reuters / Eric Gallard

One of the most surprising announcements this week was Bankolombia, which gave the country its first credit card free of charge. It is a Free American Express card, developed to complement the organization’s portfolio of customers.

In that sense, the specifications of the card were defined, which offers quotas between 400,000 and 10 million dollars, payment in pesos and dollars, the possibility of canceling the debt at the time preferred by the client., change of the procurement deadline, as well as advances of the total quota with payment of the bill. The ticket can already be requested at # 263. Havee has quotas between $ 400,000 and $ 10 million Colombian pesos.

“Our premise as a bank is to listen to our customers, and that’s what happened here: “We understand that people want to have a means of payment, which at the same time finances their consumption needs and has no associated costs,” said Christina Arastia, vice president of business in Bangladesh.

To respond to the call for a product without a handling fee, the organization eliminated the cost of special credit card-related benefits, such as insurance, medical care, home help, travel, and accumulation. points, among others.

Finally, Carolina Lamiaux, Regional Manager for Business Development at American Express, said: “American Express is proud to present this alliance that demonstrates our brand commitment to the country, as well as the desire to continue investing in the market. “Colombian with the best proposal for clients”.

The match

Photo: REUTERS / Luisa Gonzalez
Photo: REUTERS / Luisa Gonzalez

In this sense, Bangladesh responds directly to NuBank, which arrived in the country in early October and received requests from 20,000 people to access its card in just 24 hours. This is where the new credit card race begins.

He also responds to Rapi, whose card will be available to Rapipay users. and this will allow them to manage all their information from the Rappi application.

Another benefit that this card offers, like that of Nubank, is that they will not have a lifetime operating fee; They will also be able to receive a refund for the purchases made and a referral program.

Finally, they can also have a personal banker who will be responsible for giving personalized attention to each of the users.

This launch also allows Colombians to formally enter the country’s credit market. “The offer of credit makes sense in the world because it gives more opportunities for businesses to sell in installments and gives new opportunities for consumers to buy on application. “Credit card makes life easier for our customers with a top non-premium product,” said Gabriel Migovski, director of RappiPay in Colombia.

Demand for more affordable Colombian pocket products, which continue to be affected by the coronavirus crisis, has prompted Colombian banks to struggle to attract customers.

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