Wednesday , June 16 2021

Get ready with the whole black Friday law • The new diary

If you are one of those who use Black Friday at their best and have already asked for rest to spend the whole day shopping, it would be good to read this text in which we give you some recommendations that will be very useful to maximize performance of your money

Do not lose sight of the fact that the bonus or savings you plan to invest in Black Friday are money that costs you to collect and therefore it would not be fair to spend.

Buy absolutely necessary things, it's not wrong to give your taste, as long as you reach a balance between playful and useful, especially at a time when the economy has no stable outlook.

In the tour, we found a series of recommendations that we will bet you will be of your benefit to be winners in this shopping day.

Get ready

Before you go shopping or write to different portals to make your purchases online, it's necessary to plan a purchase plan. We do not tell you that it is a matter of nuclear physics and that you will complicate your life, but that you have found which items to look for. They say it is not advisable to go to a restaurant on an empty stomach because you eat too much, because it's not advisable to go shopping without knowing what you want or what you need, because you can fall in love with things that are not so useful and thus reducing the budget You can be informed in advance to view the catalogs of items that will have a discount during Black Friday.

2 strategy

Once you are aware of all the offers that interest you, make a list of them and compare them with the offers on the same devices in several stores. For example, there are stores that offer discounts on Amazon Echo and Echo Dot similar to Amazon itself. However, you will want to consider buying a smart speaker through Amazon if you are prime minister to receive free two-day deliveries.

On the other hand, sites like Camel Camel Camel are responsible for tracking the price history of the Amazon element to inform you when the price has reached the lowest level.

Once you know what items you want to buy and have chosen the store, write down the address and opening time; Draw a map, if necessary, to determine the best route to get to the place. You can coordinate with friends and family to share stores or even a portion of stores where you go each to increase the effectiveness and the likelihood of putting your hands on it longing for television.

3 Internet shopping

Increasingly, online shopping is becoming a header option to take advantage of Black Friday bids.

Although there are exclusive offers from physical stores, many of these benefits can already be obtained on their websites (and, in some cases, there are even special discounts and incentives for items purchased in digital stores).

Think about it this way: if you've already gone to the computer to build your purchase strategy, why not stay home and save the crowd.

If you decide to buy online, then it's a good time to subscribe to the Amazon Premier, the Amazon service that includes free two-day delivery in addition to streaming music and video services, among others. You can also use the fact that it includes a 30-day free trial, which perfectly covers the Black Friday sales period, which you can cancel before they start charging you.

4 Be smart

Finally, use common sense and remember that the first question you need to ask yourself before starting out shopping is: Do I really need a new TV? Is it worth it to update my computer this year or can I wait for the next one?

Buying purchases does not save money, even if it's a season of offers. Offer is a bargain when you find a product that you really need at a low price.

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