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Five key points for understanding educational reform

This week, the Chamber of Deputies approved it Educational reforms. So you can easily understand what is going on, we will leave these five key points.

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Education reform was promoted in September Enrique Peña Nieto was left suppressed, after MPs backed the initiative of the president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

On Articles 3, 31 and 73 of the Constitution, which determine the obligation of the state to guarantee from initial education to higher education.

These are five of significant changes of educational reform:

1. Compulsory higher education

With this reform, the high education will be considered in the Constitution as an educational level of character compulsory, as well as the basic level and the medium.

The second part of Article 3 shall be read as follows:

The Federation, federated entities and municipalities will provide pre-school, primary, secondary, higher and secondary education. Preschool, primary and secondary education constitute primary education; this, the superior and superior environment will be compulsory. "

It is established that education that will be excellence and university autonomy.

2. ONEE and punitive educational assessments are eliminated

It eliminates National Institute for Evaluation of Education (INE), which has become a haunting organism of the teaching profession, for which a new organism is created that will coordinate National system for continuous improvement of education, which will be responsible for carrying out studies, examinations and diagnostic assessments.

On punitive estimates. Never again, the assessment will be related to employment durability.

Assessments of the formative, diagnostic and integral character are now proposed. For entry and promotion, knowledge, abilities and experience in teaching are counted. On standardized tests and the right of teachers and teachers to be trained and updated.

In addition, the normal education, recognizing its fundamental role for teacher training.

3. Work rights

With the entry into force of the new legislation, it is stated that labor rights the workers in the service of education will be managed by Article 123 constitutional B.

The document determines that admission, promotion and recognition will be governed by the Regulatory Law on the Career System of Teachers.

4. Seat control …

The new educational reform claims that teacher positions belong to the state and will not remain under the control of the teaching profession.

4. … and support for young people

The new legislation will provide an opportunity for a better future for children and young people.

The state will establish guidelines and measures that will guarantee equality of education. In schools for primary education in vulnerable areas, the activities of the nature of food will be implemented. Students in socio-economic disadvantaged conditions will also be supported. "

5. New topics in sexual education

The curricula in Mexico must now include compulsory entities that promote values, as ethics and civilization.

History, geography and culture they will be important issues like mathematics. On sports, at art and original languages They will have to be in the classes of Mexican children.

But education will not be the same in rural areas as urban, because identity will be respected and the differentiation policy will be made by regions and bilingual classes will be taught in some places.

For sexuality education. I believe that it is necessary, it is necessary not to omit and inform information about adolescents and, if necessary, for children. That there is a formation in that sense, scientific, rational, do not interfere in this case with matters relating to faith or dogmas. This must be related to science, knowledge. This is my point of view and must be solved by the pedagogical experts, "said Lopez Obrador.

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